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Brock Trexler
January 26, 2017

Brock Trexler is a junior at Lincoln Christian University pursuing a degree in Christian Ministry. He’s a junior captain on the Red Lions baseball team, spending time on the mound and behind the plate, as well as in the hot corner at third base. But baseball is only a small part of Brock’s experience and time commitment at LCU.

“When I was looking at schools, it was where could I go play ball. That was my focus,” Brock says. “I had a relationship with Jesus but ministry wasn’t in my mind at all. A coach came and saw me play, and that made a big difference to me. All paths led toward LCU because of baseball, but being here, being in classes, Chapel and Focus services, and the Reach prayer group convicted me – God used baseball to get me to LCU, and the people here changed my perspective and life.”

Brock notes that his time at LCU has challenged him to develop his gifts, and given him the tools to use them well. “Professors are always challenging you in different areas and wanting you to realize and use your gifts,” he said. “My favorite thing about LCU is probably the community we get to be a part of as students with faculty and staff - being able to grow and learn with one another and building relationships.

In addition to attending class, planning a wedding (he’s marrying fellow LCUer and Red Lion volleyball player Hannah D’Andrea in June), leading the baseball team, and serving on the Student Athletic Advisory Council, Brock has a part-time ministry job at Pana Christian Church where he is involved with the student and worship ministries.

He says his Christian Ministry education is valuable because it doesn’t limit him to one specific area, but rather allows him to have a broad approach and many options for after he graduates.

As for his future career, Brock hasn’t quite decided which way he’d like to go, but he knows he wants to serve Christ. “I love to teach,” he says. “I’d like to be involved in some time of teaching ministry at a church, especially if it involves youth and discipleship.”

Back on the diamond, Brock is preparing for a spring break trip with the baseball team to the Dominican Republic, where the Red Lions will engage in various service projects, play several games against baseball academy students, and conduct a youth baseball camp.

“Opportunities like these are one of my favorite parts of playing baseball here,” Brock states. “And building relationships with my teammates. On trips like these we get to grow together in ways that aren’t on the field.”

He’s also optimistic about the coming spring season, noting that several transfers have come in and provided a strong core to this year’s squad – the team has been conditioning at 5:30 a.m. for several weeks now. “It’s been clear this offseason that we’re a group with a good work ethic and effort and desire to get better,” Brock says. “I think the program is headed in a good direction, and is under the guidance of a coach (Ty Unger) who really cares about it. It’s good to be a part of something that’s up and coming. To be in the beginning process of something that can be successful.”