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Rebekah Moore
Women's Soccer
August 31, 2016

Rebekah Moore is a freshman at LCU and a defender on the women’s soccer team, who is described by Head Coach Spencer DeLong as someone who “brings a genuine personality and smile that makes her a joy to coach. She will provide us with good experience and a strong presence to help our defense shut down opponents.”

“I look forward to having her on the team for the next four years,” DeLong said.

Being a member of the soccer team has provided her with a friend group from the moment she stepped on campus.

“I love the opportunity to learn and grow together,” Rebekah said. “Everyone is at different stages of learning the game. It’s cool to watch each other grow and teach each other new things. It’s a great group of girls. We get along well. We’re friends outside of soccer too, not just on the field.”

Rebekah notes that the friendly atmosphere is one of the things that drew her to LCU in the first place, and the educational approach has helped her fall in love with the campus.  

“The people here are so kind,” she said. “I’ve never met so many nice people. Everyone feels like a friend. I’ve really enjoyed having Bible classes. I grew up in public school where classes on the Old and New Testament weren’t offered. My biblical knowledge has improved a lot since being here. We can also pray in class, which is great.”

A Psychology major, Rebekah has big dreams for when she finishes her degree. She plans to get a graduate degree in social work, and then open a non-profit orphanage and foster care center that connects children with loving Christian families.

“I was adopted and my siblings were too, so I’ve seen the need for good people in the social work field,” she said. “Helping children and families is such a wonderful ministry, and I want to be a part of that.”

When she was a senior in high school, a tip from her high school physics teacher convinced her to check out LCU, and that did the trick. On and off the soccer field, Rebekah is a student-athlete who embraces the mission of LCU and works to make the world around her a better place.

“You’ll make friends on the first day,” Rebekah said. “It’s not difficult to meet people and build relationships. I feel encouraged to be a better person. I’m inspired every day to work on my relationship with God.”